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PCD Grooving Tools
PCD Grooving Tools

PCD Grooving Tools

Product ID : Piston PCD Grooving Tools
Product Tags : Grooving Tools
Product Attributes :

Square sharp PCD Grooving Inserts, can be customized as customers' design and request.

Product Description

PCD Piston Grooving Tools

PCD grooving tools are mainly used to grooving and processing various materials, including aluminum, aluminum alloy, cooper, copper alloy, tungsten carbide and some non-metal workpieces such as composite material. The service life of PCD grooving tool can reach to 10 to 15 times of carbide tungsten grooving tool.

PCD piston grooving tools are widely used in many automobile and engineering industries for grooving/processing of aluminum, non-ferrous and ferrous metals. The cutting widths range from 0.80 to 8.00 mm are all available.  The parameters, tolerances, cutting edges can all be customized.



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