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Solid Corner CBN Inserts

Solid Corner CBN Inserts (Brazed Full CBN Inserts) are made of solid corner brazed on carbide tungsten substrate, CBN inserts with solid CBN corner feature high welding strength, high impact resistance, high wear resistance, more cutting corners.

CBN inserts are widely used in processing chilled cast iron, white cast iron, high manganese cast iron, high chromium and nickel alloy cast iron, hardened steel, powder metal, hard alloy and some other super alloy. CBN inserts have greatly reduced the comprehensive production cost, also greatly improved the production capacity and efficiency during the whole production operation.

Grade of Solid Corner CBN Inserts

Advantages of Solid Corner CBN Inserts:

1.    Excellent wear resistance, impact resistance, thermal stability and chemical stability of metal processing;

2.    Excellent cost performance, 30%~50% saved compare to carbide inserts;

3.    Excellent surface quality, turning instead of grinding;

4.    Solid material ensures high degree of mechanical strength;

5.    Superior cutting tool material with extreme hardness conditions;

6.    Lower machining cost and fewer tool changes;

7.    High machining efficiency with 5~10 times of carbide and ceramic inserts.

Applications of Solid Corner CBN Inserts:

CBN Inserts can be widely used lots of industry, such as auto parts, roll industry, gear industry, bearing industry, wind power generation, air conditioning compressor and others, the materials of their workpieces are mostly cast iron and hardened steel:

Cast Iron: Automotive Engine, Brake Disc, Brake Drum, Pulley, Cylinder Block, Cylinder liner, Pump, Cast Iron Rolls…

Hardened Steel: Industrial Gears, Wind Power Bearings, Bearings, Drive Shaft, Crushing Hammer Cylinder, Slurry Pump, Rolls...