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The difference between the materials of PCD/CVD/MCD

PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) is micro sized diamond particles which are sintered together under super high temperature and pressure. The PCD blanks are made of PCD particles bonded on top of the layer of tungsten carbide. PCD inserts are made by PCD blanks brazed on carbide tungsten substrate.

CVD (chemical vapor deposition) inserts have the advantages of high hardness, strong wear resistance and strong stability. Compared to PCD inserts, CVD inserts have several times of PCD inserts, and have very excellent finishing and low friction coefficient which could reduce the friction heat and cutting force.

CVD inserts have very good working effect of finishing the materials aluminum, copper, tungsten alloy and other non-metal parts in auto parts and other industries.

MCD is very similar to natural diamond. Both have the same physical properties and an octahedral growth. Similar to synthetic diamond MCD are made of graphite using the high-pressure and high-temperature process.

MCD cutting tools are great at polished finishing work that need a high polished surface. With the hardness of MCD diamond, these cutting tools are great for high-detailed cutting.