• Dimple Solid CBN Inserts

    2022-06-09 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    Dimple Solid CBN Inserts have very better clampping strength of fitting on the tool holders, they can prevent the solid CBN inserts from moving or dropping off during processing, the dimensions and sharp of the dimpe can all be customized a......


  • PCD Acrylic Tools, PCD Chamfering Tools

    2022-05-20 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    PCD Acrylic Tools apply to various materials, such as PC, PET, glass fiber, carbon fiber, non-ferrous metal and acrylic. PCD Acrylic Tools not only can be used to process various panels for cellphones and Pads, but also can be used to proce......


  • PCD Tools for machining Wind Power Blade

    2022-05-11 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    Application in Wind Power Industry, we provide series of efficiency Full Face PCD Inserts for wind turbine blade of wind-powered electricity generation. The hot sizes of Full Face PCD Inserts for machining Wind Power Blade are as follows: ......


  • Demand for Free Samples of Solid CBN Inserts

    2022-04-27 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    We’d like to supply you free samples for test firstly, please kindly send us the details as follows via email (sales@weinotools.com): 1.    Workpiece: 2.    The materials of workpiece and hardness: 3.&nbs......


  • PCD Chip Breaker Inserts

    2022-04-08 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    Usually there are two different types chip breaker for tipped PCD inserts, one is narrow grooves with big positive angle manily for finishing processing; another is wide grooves with small positive angle for roughing processing. We integrat......


  • Coated CBN Inserts

    2022-03-16 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    Tipped CBN Inserts and Solid CBN Inserts can all be coated, Coated CBN Inserts are suitable for continuous, light and heavy interrupted processing of hardened steel with excellent performance. Compared to common traditional CBN inserts, our......


  • PCD/CBN Tools Regrinding

    2022-03-07 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    In the course of development, Weino Tools paid attention to the protection of environment, advocated green development, focus on the recycling of non-renewable resources, and make the environmental consciousness run through every process of......


  • CVD Diamond Inserts

    2022-02-25 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    CVD (chemical vapor deposition) Inserts have the advantages of high hardness, strong wear resistance and strong stability. Compared to PCD inserts, CVD inserts have several times of PCD inserts, and have very excellent finishing and low fri......


  • How to order PCD inserts and CBN inserts from our company quickly?

    2022-02-18 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    For Tipped PCD Inserts, please send us the following mainly details: 1. What's the materials to be machined? If it's Aluminum, what's the content of silicon? Such as Aluminum 15% Silicon. 2. Finished machining or semi-finished machining? 3.......


  • Schedule for the holiday of Chinese New Year

    2022-01-25 [ COMPANY NEWS ]

    Dear Everyone, our company will be closed for the holiday of Chinese New Year (Chinese Spring Festival) from Jan 29 to Feb 6, we will come back to work from Feb 7, if you have new orders or inquiry during this period, please send email to s......